Anna Tempte is a New York based actress. Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, she moved to New York to pursue a career in acting. Anna graduated from the Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute. Anna is an actress and co-founder of The Department of Fools a New York based commedia dell'Arte theater company. She is a proud member of Primitive Grace Theatre Company, founded by David Zayas and Paul Calderon.

Special Skills


Driver licence (Stick/Automatic), Valid European Passport, Horseback riding, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, Skiing, Ice skating, Bike cycling, Yoga, Swimming, Stage Combat SAFD (recommended pass), Ballet, Tap, Improv, Cooking, Painting, Face painting, Clowning, Voiceover, Singing (Soprano), Volunteer with the Danish Red Cross,  


Danish, English, Swedish (Intermediate), German (Conversational), French (Basic), Spanish (Basic).


Standard American, American (Southern Rural + Plantation, Brooklyn, Californian), English RP, Cockney, South African, German, Eastern European, French, Nigerian, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, Austrian, Chinese (Cantonese), Thai, Filipino, Indian, Maltese (Has an excellent ear for accents).