Anna Tempte

Anna Tempte is a New York based actress.  Originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, she moved to New York to pursue a career in acting.  Anna graduated from the Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre InstituteShe has recently finished  a production of the Three Sisters by Chekov were she played Masha at the Forth Street Theatre. Together with her Commedia dell'Arte troupe they have been accepted to the NYC Fringe  Festival were they will be preforming A History of Servitude.  

Height                  Eyes                Hair

                                                                                                               5.3’ (1.58cm)        Blue                 Blond


Special Skills

Driver licence (Stick/Automatic), Valid European Passport, Horseback riding, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, Skiing, Ice skating, Bike cycling, Yoga, Swimming, Stage Combat SAFD (recommended pass), Ballet, Tap, Improv, Cooking, Painting, Face painting, Clowning, Voiceover, Singing (Soprano), Volunteer with the Danish Red Cross,  


Danish, English, Swedish (Intermediate), German (Conversational), French (Basic), Spanish (Basic).


Standard American, American (Southern Rural + Plantation, Brooklyn, Californian), English RP, Cockney, South African, German, Eastern European, French, Nigerian, Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, Austrian, Chinese (Cantonese), Thai, Filipino, Indian, Maltese (Has an excellent ear for accents).